Top 5 Piedmont Triad Resources for Small Business Owners

When it comes to owning your own business, finding resources that actually help you succeed without requiring a huge investment of time or money are rare.

This list is meant to inspire business owners to think outside of the box when it comes to what may not be traditional resources to most.

Help to a small business owner comes in many forms.

1) Ed Mckay’s Book Store – Learning about your industry and where you can grow your business is crucial to making the changes you need to survive. Ed McKay’s is one of my favorite places to invest in books for my business library. I can stay in my budget and come out with an amazing selection of books that keep me up to date, inspired and focused on success.

2) Habitat Restore – Whether you are building your home office or furnishing one off site, Piedmont Triad area Habitat Restore Store outlets are a great place to shop for chairs, desks and any thing else you may need to make your space work ready. Not only do you save money – you also support a great cause!

3) Public Library – The public library is an amazing community resource. You can take computer classes, access their premium business databases, receive planning consultations as well as receive direction in career development. It is as simple as contacting your local business librarian.

4) Board of Advisers – Having a trusted Board of Advisers that you can turn to as you make decisions for your small business will help you grow and learn faster that going it alone. It’s recommended to include people that are outside your area of expertise so that you can learn from their unique perspective and see the bigger picture of where your business can grow. has an amazing article on How to Assemble a Board of Advisers.

5) Attend Local Social Events – Professional Networking and Educational Groups that offer FREE memberships such as Linking Greensboro and Linking Winston Salem are great examples. They offer social events that share the best and brightest from in and around the Triad on a regular basis. Not only to you get to network with other area professionals and small business owners – for the price of lunch, you get to learn from Triad’s brightest leaders who speak on a wide range of topics. They also offer networking online via Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin Groups – so even if you can’t make their events, you can still connect and benefit both personally and professionally!


As a small business owner, what have been your top 5 resources to grow your company?

What resources have you discovered that are free or have little to no cost to you and your company?

7 Tips for Organizing Your Finances

Dr. Dorothy Merchant of SImple Solutions Professional Organizers

Dr. Dorothy Merchant of SImple Solutions Professional Organizers

This past week I had the pleasure of learning from Dr. Dorothy Merchant of Simple Solutions Professional Organizers    at a Linking Greensboro Luncheon.

Dr. Merchant shared tips from one of her posts : 7 Tips for Organizing Your Finances.

She not only encouraged us to discover our spending triggers (we all have them!) but she encouraged us to understand the importance of knowing what our expenses are each month and setting a saving plan in place.

Ideally we should all have 3-6months worth of living expenses saved in case of emergencies as well as a stocked pantry that can feed your family for a few months if need be!

The great advice offered that could help you change your financial future?  Have a clear picture of your current financial situation,  create a spending plan for each pay check and save consistently.

One of the highlights of her presentation was pointing out how much we all spend on food each week. A simple exercise she shared was to make 3-4 columns on a sheet of paper with the headings of meats/fish or fruit, vegetables, grains. Under each of these headings quickly write down 5 of your favorite things to eat under each category. . . read each line across from each category and voila! You now have a whole weeks worth of dinners.

What are ways you and your family save money?



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