An Open Call for Linking Triad High Point Furniture Market Contributors

High Point Furniture Market was founded in 1909 as a convenient way for home furnishing retailers and manufacturers to meet to conduct business.

Until not long ago it was the largest furniture trade show in the world. Las Vegas challenges that claim nowadays, butĀ High Point Furniture Market continues to be hugely influential in both the local and international home furnishings industry.

High Point Furniture Market is fun, bustling, and something that must be experienced firsthand to be truly understood.

We at Linking Triad are not intending to cover theĀ High Point Furniture Market for ‘what’s the newest color scheme’, or ‘what’s the hot new sofa from Acme manufacturer’. We are more interested in how the Market is put together, how it influences the economy in High Point and the surrounding Piedmont Triad region.

We are looking for a unique approach to our coverage. One that takes account of the local’s perspective and that of our international visitors as well as those curious about the inner workings of a trade show of this magnitude.

One thing we hope to share is how the trade show has evolved over the decades, with the inclusion of new technologies, and changing cultural and social trends.

For those selected to contribute to Linking Triad’s coverage of the April High Point Furniture Market, we will invite you to a round table discussion to develop story ideas. From this brainstorming session we will assign the selected stories to individuals and teams. You will be invited to create your own narrative.

Please take a look at the music, educational and social events as well as the Design Viewpoint Series going on during High Point Market to help you spark some inspiration!

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