Contributing Writer Guidelines

Writing for Linking TriadHeadline/Article Title:

  • Keep your headline fairly short. Be sure your title reflects the essence of the article and utilizes key words.



  • Word count should be between 350 – 550 words. Anything longer may be edited and shortened but this will not always be the case depending on subject matter.
  • Remember readers want to grasp the information easily and quickly. Write for a mobile audience with short controlled bursts  on information.
  • Present your thoughts concisely and include any reference links.
  • Keep your style casual yet informative. Be yourself.
  • Use action verbs whenever possible.
  • Be consistent with verb tense.
  • Include photos and videos when appropriate, always giving photo/video credit of sources.



  • Linking Triad reserves the right to edit articles for clarity and brevity, if necessary. However, we will do our best to preserve the article as originally submitted.



  • Set up a Gravatar account. This helps identify you when you comment and post as a contributor. Include a brief bio, a photo of yourself (preferably your avatar used across the social web),  your social media and website URLs.


New Contributor Article Submission:

  • Please contact us to submit your article for review and approval. You will then be set up with a contributor account for Linking Triad to post your submission.


*If you would like to be a monthly contributing writer please let us know! We are looking to share views and news from across the Triad and the world.